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Why Choose Caswell Aviation?

TRAINING - Caswell Aviation is partner-member of Drone Academy Canada (, which is a Transport Canada self-declared drone school based in Calgary Alberta that offers in-person and online courses to meet your company's or your requirements for Transport Canada RPAS Advanced Operations certification, flight reviews, and recurrency.  We can also provide information regarding procurement of an American FAA Part 107 certificate and recurrency requirements.  Please visit our partner website at for all of your training requirements.

CONSULTATION – Caswell Aviation has over 24 years of experience in the aviation industry ranging from piloting manned aircraft and dispatching to airline operations management, aviation project management, and RPAS (drone) operations.

REPAIR – Caswell Aviation is a certified DJI Repair Dealer in Calgary, AB, Canada.  DJI is the leading manufacturer of RPAS products and integrates collision avoidance and automatic emergency landing technology into all of its products with a proven track record.

AERIAL IMAGERY – Caswell Aviation can provide you with excellent aerial imagery in edited or unedited formats.  We are also partnered with Terry Kozlyk at VIDEO CONNECTS (, who excels in providing ground video, editing, voice-over commentary, and video production for promos, commercials, event coverage, documentaries, and online video workshops.  If your project requires both ground and aerial photography, Caswell Aviation & Video Connects can exceed your requirements.

Our Clientele

Real estate agents (training, repair, marketing)

Roofing estimators (training, repair, mapping & calculations)

Construction project managers (training, repair, mapping)

Commercial building managers (training, repair, inspections of tall structures)

Emergency response managers (training, repair, damage assessment)

Film directors (aerial video)

Business owners of large properties (training, repair, marketing)

Photographers (training, repair, aerial video / photos to supplement wedding photos)

Contact Us

If your organization is looking for our services, please contact us by phone at 403-703-1136 or e-mail at for a free, initial consultation.

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