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Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

I've known Grant for more than 10 years. During that time I've witnessed Grant launch several start-ups that are in operation today. Both South Calgary Recreational Hockey League and Caswell Aviation Ltd are a testament to Grant's tenacity and ingenuity. My impression of Grant is that if you want something done, get him involved somehow. Regarding the aviation industry and associated regulatory systems, his knowledge is top rate and his work is thorough. If you're partnered with him in anyway, he's all in. If you have the opportunity, you would do well to take advantage of his passion.

“Grant's drone photos replace aerial imagery by helicopter and plane. Plus, Grant is fantastic to work with. I'm eager to do business with him again, and his customer service skills and photos are fantastic. ”

“Grant knows drones. He's certified, licensed, insured- everything to make the experience flawless. Want drone photography? The decision is now simple...”

Thank you once again for the drone photos. They were exactly what I needed. They are clear and from the right height and angles.

Your service was very professional and I will recommend to others.

Caswell Aviation was professional and provided excellent service. His attention to detail helped capture the exact photos and videos we were looking for. I would recommend his service to anyone!

The pictures and video turned out great…thank you!

Sorry I didn’t have time to look at it when you were here, but I do appreciate you bringing everything over. I know Sean was impressed as well…not sure if you have heard from him yet.

Cheers and thanks again!

Grant is an outstanding drone photographer/videographer with a thorough knowledge of Transport Canada regulations. He is as talented in his artistic interpretation of his work as he is with the technical elements. Anytime we need aerial photography, Grant will be our guy. Technical/Artistic skills aside, Grant is a pleasure to work with, a great person, and committed to his customers.

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